4EVER-2 demonstrates UHD-TV phase 2 at CSA

Apr 21, 2017

4EVER-2 expose ses travaux sur l’UHD-TV phase 2 au CSA

On March 8th 2017, 4EVER-2 presented UHD-TV phase 2 with HDR and HFR demonstrations to the CSA (Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel, ie. The French Regulation Authority for Audiovisual Communication), helping CSA Board identifying and evaluating technological stakes about the future of digital television.

4EVER-2 partners met the President of CSA Olivier Schrameck and all of the Board members, and explained the consortium work as well as new standards about Ultra HD-TV phase 2 technologies.

The 4EVER-2 project team presented their research made on UHD-TV phase 2 and highlighted the improvements brought to Quality User Experience by this new television standard. They especially proposed demonstrations showing visual advantages of those technologies compared to today’s HD-TV: better contrast and detail levels (High Dynamic Range, HDR), better motion performance (High Frame Rate, HFR) and better color management (Wide Color Gamut, WCG).

The French consortium also showed the research made on new video coding standard “HEVC”, which allows to reduce the bandwidth, with respect to MPEG-4, by a factor of 2 for an equivalent visual quality. It also reminded the benefit of using new media channels such as “DVD-T2”, which increases the available bandwidth on terrestrial networks. Combining both these technologies, will allow to significantly increase the video quality and the user experience, yet using a bandwidth equivalent to the one currently necessary today.

Finally, 4EVER-2 partners explained that their research also includes audio format and complete audiovisual quality of experience, which could be topics for a subsequent demonstration session.

These demonstrations made by 4EVER-2 team on UHD-TV phase 2 are part of the research on the evolution of digital television.


See CSA French article here.

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