World premiere ! 4EVER-2 is proud to deliver an Ultra HD-TV phase 2 live production, with UHD-TV « HFR » 100 frames per second and Dolby AC-4 audio

Apr 13, 2017

A new world first by 4EVER-2 consortium : a UHD-TV HFR 100fps live on ice hockey France vs. Switzerland match, with FFHG (French Federation of Ice Hockey), April 9th 2017 at Cergy-Pontoise, France.

The 4EVER-2 project has conducted a trial of a live High Frame Rate (HFR) production on an ice hockey match preceding the world championship that takes place in France and Germany. France-Switzerland was organised by the French ice hockey federation (FFHG).

To broadcast this game, 4EVER-2 has carried out a real time production with multiple cameras and a satellite transmission combining HD-HFR and Dolby® AC-4 Audio; a world premiere in Ultra HD-TV.

This was a fruitful collaboration between the partners of 4EVER-2, which cover the whole audio-visual chain: the technical teams of France Televisions and Orange Labs (HFR configuration and immersive audio), AMP Visual TV (OBvan and production crew), ATEME (HEVC encoder), TeamCast (DVB-S2 modulator) and Globecast (satellite transmission).

For a real enhancement of the audio-visual Quality of Experience, for this trial the 4EVER-2 consortium collaborated with the Dolby Laboratories’ European team, and with LG for a successful video and audio reception on the LG-E7 TV model thanks to a prototype HFR software.

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