Ultra High Definition TV is the next natural and logical step after High Definition. This new format not only allows an improved spatial resolution, but also better image definition through an improvement of colors, contrast and also an increase of temporal frequency.


The spacial resolution

A better image definition

Spatial definition measures the sharpness and the precision of images depending on the number of displayed pixels. By increasing this pixel density, UHD-TV reaches a sharper, more detailed image with an improved texture.


High Frame Rate (HFR)

Increase frequency images to improve the rendering of movement

  • Better rendering of the movement of objects in a scene (decrease jerks)
  • Better rendering of details of moving objects (reduced blur)

The HFR improves the temporal resolution by increasing the number of frames per second. On television today, HD broadcast in done at 50 interlaced frames per second, that is to say 25 full resolution pictures per second. HFR is envisaged on video at 100, 200 or 300 images per second


High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Find the contrasts of the real scene on the screen

  • Bringing luminance dynamic returned to perceptible brightness dynamic in the real world
  • Suggest more contrast in dark areas or very bright

The dynamic range of an image defines the sensitivity levels for every color hue, including contrast levels which are quite poor in digital video at the moment. Current HD TV suffers from a lack of details in the dark areas if one part of the image is much brighter.


Wide Color Gamut (WCG)

Knowing the characteristics of a color display for optimum space conversion

  • Capturing all colors

Color definition is represented by a gamut, meaning the range of colors that a device can display, print or save. A camera or a screen can’t perfectly reproduce all colors which are perceptible by the human eye because, although all possible hues are displayable, all of saturations are not. UHD-TV allows better color rendering, by improving color grading to obtain more realistic result.