From 2012 to 2015, the collaborative project 4EVER was designed to advance French research on standardization of HEVC and the UHD-TV format. The research continues, with the same objectives set by the nine French industrial and academic project partners.

The details

– A French collaborative project
– Nine industrials and academics partners
– One aim : improve the quality of television experience
– Funding of the State French, competitiveness clusters and local authorities


The 4EVER project

Initiated in 2012 following the 13th FUI call for projects (Unique Interministerial Fund), the French 4EVER project (“for Enhanced Video ExpeRience”) gathered nine industrial and academic partners, seeking to bring a real improvement in the quality of video experience.


For the last three years, the consortium has conducted research on high technology for the introduction of Ultra High Definition on TV services, both on the image format (UHD-TV) and on video coding standard aspects (HEVC).   Throughout the 4EVER project, teams have conducted numerous experiments and have made frequent contributions to the standardization bodies.   The 4EVER partners demonstrated the first live end-to-end operational MPEG-HEVC chain with the development of prototype real time encoders and decoders on TVs and tablets : a great achievement and a world first!

The 4EVER project was completed in May 2015, however, 4EVER teams continue their research as the 4EVER-2, to define and validate the future of television, for “High Fidelity TV”.

The 4EVER-2 project

In a first time, the consortium will contribute to the standardization of a UHD-TV format (“High Fidelity”), adapted to the specificities of digital TV services and allowing to achieve a real gap in quality of experience.

The project partners have the will to propose a real improvement in the quality of video experience, while aiming at a complete live production chain, distribution and reception of UHD-TV format Phase 2 content.