Orange is one of the leading telecommunications operators in the world. In March 2015, the Group presented its new strategic plan “Essentiels2020″ which aims to put the needs of its customers at the center of its strategy so that they can fully benefit from the digital world and the power of tis high-speed broadband networks. Thus, Orange, continues in 4EVER-2 collaborative research project, its work around the 2D video format that aims to deliver a new TV experience combining realism and immersion, while controlling the impact on the operational chain of TV services distribution.


AMPVisualTV specializes in television coverage and provides services throughout the production of live programs or in live conditions. The arrival of AMPVisualTV on 4EVER-2 project will consolidate the “production and control” element in the complete end-to-end audiovisual chain.


ATEME is a global leader in professional video encoding solutions, supporting all formats, from mobile to Ultra High Definition. The HEVC technology is central to ATEME strategy. Its objective, by joininig the 4EVER and 4EVER-2 projects, is to integrate HEVC standard support in all of its “High fidelity” encoding solutions : contribution, live and file distribution.


France Télévisions, an audiovisual public service broadcaster offering a comprehensive program through five national television channels, multiplies advances to accelerate the presence of public service content on all communication networks and on all screens. through 4EVER-2, France Télévisions commits its ‘Innovation & development” division, already involved in the 4VER project, to content creation and to quality of experience. But it also incorporates its “production” division which will enable the project partners to validate their technologies with operational capabilities during field production


Globecast is specialized in contribution services, media management and distribution for professional broadcasting. For 4EVER-2 project, Globecast adapts contribution services to the needs of event content producers (introduction of UHD-TV, but also use of IP networks).

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Highlands Technologies Solutions specializes in creating innovative solutions for the film industry. The company seeks new trends and new usages introduced by digital camera cinema with 3 product lines: Qalif™, YouActive™ and CineCardiz™. For 4EVER-2 project, HTS will help assess extended color equipment.


INSA – Rennes is a engineering school but also a research center. Laboratory IETR (Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication of Rennes) is attached to INSA and carries out research for the 4EVER-2 project around video decoding area.

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TeamCast main activity is the provision of “OEM” technology for terrestrial digital broadcast network infrastructure (DTT) and satellite broadcasting (DTH). The 4EVER-2 project will allow TeamCast to, among other things, operationally validate the technological basis of second generation DTT.


Télécom ParisTech is a French public engineering school, with general interest in the field of information-communication technologies. For 4EVER-2 project, TelecomParisTech, through its open source “GPAC” platform, provides a set of technologies for R&D in the field of digital television