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4EVER-2 present at Futur en Seine

From 8th until 10th of June 2017, 4EVER-2 participates at the digital festival Futur en Seine in Paris, parc de la Villette, stand C22.

Une nouvelle première mondiale par le consortium 4EVER-2 : la diffusion live UHD-TV HFR 100 fps du match France-Suisse de hockey sur glace, le 9 avril 2017 à Cergy-Pontoise (France), avec la FFHG (Fédération Française de Hockey sur Glace).

World premiere! 4EVER-2 is proud to deliver an Ultra HD-TV phase 2 live production, with UHD-TV « HFR » 100 frames per second and Dolby AC-4 audio

Once again, the 4EVER-2 team innovates in Ultra HD-TV with an end-to-end live production in HFR (High Frame Rate, 100 frames per second) and Dolby AC-4 audio during the ice hockey match France-Switzerland at Cergy-Pontoise, on Sunday, April 9 2017.
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The 4EVER-2 consortium demonstrates UHD-TV phase 2 live from Opera Comique.

On February 22, the 4EVER-2 consortium conducted a new UHD-TV HDR experiment. Thanks to Ultra High Definition television (UHD-TV) phase 2 technologies, Jacques Offenbach’s opera Fantasio was broadcast live in UHD and HDR.

4EVER-2 present at IBC 2016

4EVER-2 partners continue their studies on UHD-TV phase 2 and will present their latest research results at IBC 2016. The aim is to improve audiovisual quality, as well as prove that these technologies are realistic.
4EVER-2 present at the Open Innovation Camp

4EVER-2 present at the Open Innovation Camp

On July 5, at the showroom organized by the competitiveness cluster Images & Réseaux, 4EVER-2 presented his latest research on UHD-TV Phase 2.

4EVER-2 realized two sport productions

First one was on tennis French Open tournament while second one was a live production on a football game.


4EVER-2 received the NAB Technology Innovation Award

While presenting its UHD-TV HDR (High Dynamic Range) and HFR (High Frame Rate) demonstrations at the NAB Show, the 4EVER-2 consortium has been rewarded for its achievements in the improvement of the video Quality of Experience with its research and work in UHD-TV phase 2.

4EVER-2 present at the 2016 NAB Show in Las Vegas

On the occasion of the 2016 NAB Show, the 4EVER-2 consortium presents its research results and innovative work on HDR and HFR Ultra High Definition. Two demonstrations that assess this new format will be presented on the 4EVER-2 booth at the NAB Futures Park (SU17010).


4EVER-2 present at the MIPTV Sessions UHD

At a conference entitled Ultra HD HDR: Adding the ‘wow’ factor”, Maryline Clare-Charrier presented the partners recent work in producing live High Dynamic Range, as well as the realization of a fully-UHD TV Phase 2 clip (4K, High Dynamic Range, High Frame Rate, Wide Color Gamut) with its spatial audio NextGen.

4EVER-2 présent au Webinaire Sony « Le HDR pour la diffusion en direct »

4EVER-2 present at the Sony Webinar “HDR for Live”

Maryline Clare-Charrier was present at Sony Webinar to help to get an expert perspective on HDR – and what it means for programme makers and live events specialists, today and tomorrow.

4EVER-2 présent au DutchGuild Multimedia Engineers

4EVER-2 present at the DutchGuild Multimedia Engineers

Orange Labs and ATEME represented the 4EVER-2 consortium and its achievements on High Dynamic Range during most excellent Dutch Guild of Multimedia Engineers.

4EVER-2 présent à l'EBU “Production Technology Seminar”

4EVER-2 present at the EBU “Production Technology Seminar”

Francetélévisions and ATEME represented the 4EVER-2 consortium and its achievements on Ultra High Définition phase 2 during famous EBU PTS, with HDR presentations et demonstrations HDR.

Expérimentation live HDR avec la technologie HLG – « La Damnation de Faust » à l’Opéra Bastille

Live HDR trial with HLG technology “La Damnation de Faust”

In December 2015, we completed our first single production serving both HD-709 and 4K-HDR signals. With an HLG prototype Sony XDC4300 camera. A FranceTélévisions production, AMPVisualTV production unit and equipment, Orange Labs HDR expertise.


Shooting “Trophée Bompard” figure skating

In November 2015, HDR and HFR technology have been experimented in live production with broadcast cameras thanks to AMPVisualTV and Orange Labs teams.


4EVER-2 shoots its own short movie

In November 2015, HDR and HFR technology to serve the artistic intention in an original scenario written by France Televisions, shot with the collaboration of Orange Labs team.


4EVER-2 present at the MIPCOM

In October 2015 in Cannes, Maryline-Clare was present at the MIPCOM, the International Market of Communications Programmes to demonstrate HDR on Sony displays.


4EVER-2 present at IFA 2015

In September 2015 in Berlin, Julien Libouban was present at the IFA during the conference entitled “UHD: Why Are We Waiting?” about the progress of UHD television.

HDR demonstration on EBU booth: Orange Labs in collaboration with BBC/NHK (Hybrid Log Gamma technology), Ateme (HEVC encoding of contents) and Sony (Bravia X94C 75" display)

4EVER-2 present at IBC 2015

In September 2015 in Amsterdam, 4EVER-2 was at the IBC 2015 in the Future Zone where disruptive new technology is presented.