4EVER-2 present at the NAB Show 2016

Apr 12, 2016


Sponsored by the French government, the 4EVER-2 project (For Enhanced Video ExpeRience) strives to improve the Video Quality of Experience thanks to Ultra High Definition television (UHD-TV) phase 2 technologies. Two demonstrations that assess this new format will be presented at the 4EVER-2 booth in the NAB Labs Futures Park (SU17010).

Demonstration 1 combines two new technologies that enable the best quality of UHD-TV in the home: High Dynamic Range (HDR), that improves immersion with finer details and better contrast, and the brand new standard ATSC3.0, that optimizes the available terrestrial bandwidth.
Demonstration 2 focuses on High Frame Rate (HFR) technology, for the first time ever on a real-time end-to-end chain over IPTV. Here, you will see how HFR significantly improves the visual quality of high-motion pictures – especially for sport content – with hardly any impact on the required bitrate.

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