4EVER-2 present at the DutchGuild Multimedia Engineers

Feb 04, 2016

February 2nd, at the evening entitled “HDR TV: more pixels or better pixels?”, Maryline Clare-Charrier, 4EVER-2 project leader, was present to discuss HDR and HFR. From 4EVER-2 experiments and achievements, she focused on several topics have been introduced, among them HDR live production.

The DutchGuild Multimedia Engineers organizes several conferences per year to share knowledge on the media world and discuss practical application of standards.

The next day, during a seminar on innovations for user experience, whe was with Jérôme Viéron (ATEME) to present, from their experience in 4EVER-2, in a 2 hour session all technical details related to HFR, HDR and WCG.

More information: here and here


Maryline Clare-Charrier and Jérome Viéron about Technology update Better pixels, effect of image quality on immersiveness on Vimeo.

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