4EVER-2 partners realized two sport productions

Oct 05, 2016


In May and June 2016, two sport productions have been realized.

First one was on tennis French Open tournament where contents have been shot on several games, using all UHD-TV phase 2 technologies: HFR, HDR, 4K and WCG. Then contents were post-produced in the evenings for being demonstrated in their HDR version everyday during the tournament on the RGLABS FranceTelevisions booth.  After the tournament, HFR versions have been generated and demonstrated at IBC 2016.

Second operation was a live production on a football game in June, evaluating the capacity of the “HLG” HDR technology to deliver good quality of SDR and HDR in the same signal. No broadcast was realized then, focus was completely on  the production setup, so a proper multicam was configured with 4 HDR cameras controlled from the brand new MS12 AMPVisualTV OBvan.

Beside, 2 HDR broadcast cameras were installed around the football game and also remotely controlled in the MS12 OBVan, in a separate production room.


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